White Gold Band Rings

When it comes to looking for wedding rings, the traditional yellow gold wedding band may be what comes to mind. The popularity of white gold band rings have grown tremendously over the years, making it one of the most sought after in the market. A lot of people like white gold band rings because they are modern and unique. Some research has even shown that white gold sells 53% more than yellow gold jewelry. One of the more popular white gold band rings is the three stoned engagement ring. Many people have shown to like white gold for diamonds, so white gold band rings are definitely hot picks.

Other people show deep interest in white gold band rings because it is a great substitute for platinum. It is important to find quality white gold band rings, so that it stays looking new for as long as your marriage lasts and even longer. White gold band rings are very popular because of their modern look. They are known to catch the eye and accentuate diamonds fairly well.

So what makes white gold band rings different than yellow gold wedding rings? Well, besides the obvious color difference, there is more to it. White gold band rings are made with the same yellow gold metals, but use different alloys. White gold band rings and yellow gold are composed of 58.3% pure gold and the rest of it consists of other metallic elements. The reason for the mixture with other elements is because pure gold is very impressionable and soft. It is even too soft to be used to create fine jewelry. By being combined with other metals allows it to stay firm enough to wear. The other materials are called alloys (those used to create white gold band rings are different than yellow gold). Silver is the alloy for yellow gold and nickel is the alloy for white gold band rings.

Both white gold band rings and yellow gold wedding bands are made with copper and zinc alloy elements. So the point is that white gold band rings aren’t that much different than yellow gold; they are just made with different alloys. Neither have a greater value; the only difference is the taste they carry. If you like the platinum look, then white gold band rings may be the option for you.

There are all different types of designs for white gold band rings. You can find all the same styles of yellow gold and more. Many of the people that end up choosing white gold band rings are looking for something more contemporary and unique. You can find white gold band rings at any jeweler that sells yellow gold – unless they specialize in yellow gold. Whether you are looking for contemporary or traditional wedding bands, you can find one made with white gold. Having white gold band rings are a little less traditional, but you can find some of the same styles as the traditional wedding band. Otherwise you can go with a design a bit more modern to go with the modern look of white gold.

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