Top it in style: The best trends in tops

The summer months are forcing you to refresh your wardrobe. Get on board these new styles in tops for the season.

We women spend hours agonising over what to wear, every single day. We select and discard items of clothing from our own wardrobes, then settle for something that seems suitable (but which we’re not happy about!) Then comes summer, and every single item in the wardrobe looks like it was designed to kill.

The problem is that you have sufficient pants, shorts and skirts, but you’re missing out on trendy tops for the season. So what do you do? You whip out your favourite online shopping app and shop for new tops for the summer. Look up the app for new styles in –

* Crop tops. They are all the rage this season, and they’re here to stay. Crop tops are the best buys in the hot summer – they are trendy, they offer little coverage so your skin can breathe in the hot weather, and they look super cute with both jeans and skirts. However, crop tops are best tried by women with small waists and toned midriffs. They tend to pinch the chest area, so if you have some residual fat in your midriff, you will get a muffin top. However, fashion is all about body confidence and wearing what you want. So if you are intent on wearing a crop top this summer and your body shape be damned, then full steam ahead, we say!

* Tube tops. Just like crop tops, tube tops have made a comeback this season – and with a vengeance. Tube tops are really cute, but they look great on younger women with smaller frames and tiny waists. Team the tube top with a pair of fitted denim or cotton trousers, throw a long shrug over your shoulders and finish off your look with high heeled shoes or white sneakers.

* Sheer blouses. Another great clothing option in tops this season is sheer blouses and shirts. They are light and dry quickly, so your skin feels comfortable in the hottest climate. Plus, they look really cute with jeans and sneakers. Try floral or geometric prints, over a slip if you are not comfortable with the transparent nature of the fabric. Or if you don’t want to layer if you feel too hot, you can wear a flesh-coloured bra underneath your top.

* Sleeveless tees. You can wear sleeveless tops with everything – from palazzos and fitted skirts, to denim jeans and capris. They look great on every woman, though most women are reluctant to wear them if they have slightly flabby arms. The point is, sleeveless tops are comfortable and a blessing in the hot weather. You can buy them in a variety of styles, colours and fabrics.

Which of these styles do you like? Leading shopping apps have new styles and great steals in tops, so get shopping right away.