How To Pick And Wear A T-Shirt

T-shirts came into existence around 100 years ago during the First World War. They were simply considered as an undergarment until the year 1955 famous personalities like John Wayne and Marlon Brando wore them as an outer garment. Slowly and gradually t shirts went through a great deal of evolution and today you could find them in different designs, patterns and colors. Whether we talk about non-designer or designer t-shirts for men, the market today is filled with plethora of brands for men’s t shirts. T-shirts are regarded as one of the most comfortable and stylish attire for men which can be teamed up with so many different things and could be worn on so many occasions. But, it is very essential to choose your t-shirts wisely, as picking a wrong fit or color or pattern can completely destroy your look. So, let us try and find out how to pick and wear your t-shirts.

  1. How to pick you t-shirts:-
  • Fabric

Cotton is probably one the best fabrics when it comes to t-shirts. It is not only breathable but has got the caliber to cool your body during summers and warm up your body during winters.

  • Fit

Fit is also very essential while picking t-shirts, even though standard t-shirts do not have any specific shape and almost all of them appear to be same. So, it is best to try on your t-shirts before buying them, so as to make sure that it flatters your body.

  • Price

Though this is entirely a personal choice and depends on your budget as to how much you are willing to invest in buying a t-shirt. You could easily get a t-shirt of some local brand for about Rs-500-1000, but if you are looking for high-end designer t-shirts, then the price could make you shed thousands of dollars. So, pay attention to your budget while purchasing any outfit for that matter and never overdo it.

  1. How to wear your t-shirts:-
  • V-neck t shirts

V-neck t shirts are one of the most loved styles by men, and these could be pulled off for occasions which are in between formal and casual.

  • Crew neck

Crew neck t shirts could be teamed up with trousers, shorts, jeans and more. They have always remained trendy among fashion lovers since a very long time.

  • Drop neck t shirts

They are basically casual t shirts which can be paired with a nice pair of denims, and their main advantage is that they make you look thinner comparatively.

  • Polo t shirts

They are a combination of formal and a casual look, and are quite versatile too. You could team them up with pants, shorts, jeans etc.

So these are the guidelines as to how you should pick and wear your t shirts to remain stylish and be a trend setter. You could make all o your designer t shirt purchases online via luxury stores like Tata CLiQ.