Fashion Tips to Look Cool during the Holiday Season

Fashion Trends are likely to surface and dissolve more frequently! Metallic options seemed so trendy during the previous holiday season. Your eyes won’t miss out on the shades of white that develops a cool look while going well with the winter season. It’s actually up to you to determine what enhances your look irrespective of finding what’s in or out.

Draw all eyes to a weekend party by following any of these trends:

Opting out of Your Black Dresses

Don’t rely too much on your black dress. Keep it in your closet and pick something flowing and feminine for this season. You may wear something that has cords and fabric ties for the perfect knot and remains belted and nipped in your waist. You may compare various shades of fabrics like that of chocolate brown and gracious raspberry as they appear to be lacy and layered apart from being light in weight. Both the capped or long sleeves might look good on you. But you must choose between plunging and scooped necklines. Looking hot and sophisticated doesn’t mean you need to expose much of your skin.

A few extra Knits      

With the winter holidays closing in, you may go all sweaters excepting any Christmas sweater that remains hidden in your wardrobe. You’re bound to get marked once you put on any of those cozy options in geometric patterns, muted navy or in earth tones. Make sure you don’t get beyond the right proportions.  Identify the pants and skirts that team up well with your loose sweaters.  You may find a few interesting ones while checking out the huge collection of silhouettes with eminent retailers like the Misha collection UK stockist, which ranges from those body-hugging to slouchy options.

Adornment Aplenty      

Be it your trouser bottoms, shirt fronts, collars, or shoulders, you’re bound to catch up with a wide variety of paillettes and sequins. In order to showcase your elegance, you consider teaming up your solid colored suit or subtle separates with your embellished pieces. In your attempt to combine all pieces in the right manner, you mustn’t overdo things like combining a sequined pant with any crystal-lined top. In this case, people might go crazy as you resemble a Christmas tree.

Exquisite Accessories

It’s not just clothing that the craze for adornment gets restricted to. Your boots, hair embellishments, footwear, clutches, and scarves will show a variety of studs, pearls, embroidery, and jewels. Your holiday look gets perfectly jazzed up when you put on such glitzy fashion add-ons. A customized outfit needs to be accessorized neatly and perfectly. Your overall style statement shouldn’t look distracting but get complimented when you accessorize your outfits.

Structured Pieces

You’ll always look good in a few sophisticated options between your traditional suits and subtle structured pieces. You may try out a few loosened options to have fun, this season. The cheeky customized options like your bell-shaped coat that follows till the hip-length or that jacket with a few unique stitching or curious-looking buttonholes could be your perfect match to look stylish and yet not so stuffy.

Invest in a few trendy items just to define your holiday style statement. It could be that blouse depicting an abstract print, an embellished sweater, a jeweled clutch, or any flirty outfit. Develop the right combination with your staple pieces and a unique hairstyle. Just check out the diverse collection with Misha collection and you’re bound to prove your style statement right for the entire party season. Besides looking elegant, you’ll always remain in vogue!