Borat’s Mankini

Why You Should Wear Borat’s Mankini

Why not do something different this summer? With styles tending to be rather boring when it comes to men’s beach wear, you may like the idea of switching things up and adding some style to your beach outfit.

One of the best ways you can do this-if you are daring enough-is to wear Borat’s Mankini. “What is Borat’s Mankini?” you ask. If you have ever seen the movie “I’m a Borat” you will recall the exciting moment when Borat wears the neon green Mankini gracing the world with his beautiful body. Or something of the sort.

What Exactly is the Mankini?

If you could imagine a full body thong, that would be a good description for what the type of suit looks like, but instead of being held up around the waist, everything is held up by the shoulders. If you can picture a V on a body, that is what this bathing suit is.

If you don’t mind that much of your behind will be showing then it’s not that much different from wearing a speedo. It will cover the important area as it should, while making you look good-or at least, Borat good.

Why You Should Wear Borat Swimwear

It could scare you to think of going out in something so “scandalous,” but the Borat bathing suit is perfect for getting attention. While not everyone may be a fan of the Borat swimwear, you will find that it is a conversation starter. Once upon a time, no one ever wanted to wear speedos, but nowadays you can see highly confident men walking around in them, and this bathing suit is no different.

It can also help you be able to tan areas that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Most guys end up with odd tans due to swimming trunks that reach their calves. With a bathing suit like this one, you can be sure that you will have almost every part of your nice and golden at the end of a sunny day.

This Borat suit was tended for comedy, but has now become something popular for many men to wear to the beach. For those who have a sense of humor, who don’t mind being the center of attention, and who want to get that tan they have always dreamed of (with a V down the middle) this suit is a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.

But, before you go out swimwear shopping, make sure to research if your beach destination is one where Borat suit is allowed. Some places prohibit them, so to make sure that you get the chance to show off your new bathing suit, choose a beach destination that has no problem with baring a little more than normal.

In Conclusion

If you are a brave soul who doesn’t mind having a good laugh at yourself while also trying something new, then why not do something new by using this Borat bathing suit while on your next vacation? People may scoff, they may stare, and they may consider you to be a complete fool, but they will definitely admire your courage.